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Air, Land & Sea Environmental Management Services, Inc.
11 Tunes Brook Drive, Brick, NJ 08723
Phone - (732)295-3900


Air, Land & Sea Environmental Management Services, Inc. (Air, Land & Sea) is a full service environmental consulting firm located in Brick Township, ground zero of Sandy's landfall. In fact our offices were damaged and we completed our remediation and are back up and running at full capacity.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all that were affected. Now we believe it's time to assist all those impacted by the storm. We want you to understand that we're not a mold remediation company, but a qualified consultant who can assess the presence and extent of mold and most importantly assess the success of your mold remediation contractor. We've been in business since 1997, are local and participate in many community activities. We believe this should provide you with a comfort level in dealing with an environmental issue that we all hope never to see again. Our services include:

Initial Mold and other Contaminant Assessments: Air, Land & Sea is prepared to inspect your house and property for various contaminants that may affect the health of you and your family. This would include the probable presence of mold, but also may include other petroleum related contaminants should a boat have washed up onto your property and potentially spilled fuel onto your grounds.

Post Mold Cleanup Testing: Air, Land & Sea is experienced in reviewing the mold remediation workplan and perform after cleanup air testing. It seems logical to retain an independent consultant to check the work of others. We perform the air test by obtaining measured samples of the air in your house and compare it with the outside air that we all breath. Our samples are sent to an independent, licensed NJ Laboratory for analysis and reporting. Air, Land & Sea reviews the lab reports and will provide you with valuable information concerning the satisfactory cleanup of the mold. We believe this is the most important step in assuring the safety of your family and guests. There are many contractors performing mold remediation and we believe our inspections will provide you with peace of mind.

Other Contaminants: Barnegat Bay was already declared a "no fish" area due to contaminants and there were over 400 boats reported overturned in the bay. During the storm all sorts of pollution was discharged into the bay waters and when the boats came to rest, there's a likelihood that diesel and gas fuel may have been spilled onto properties. Air, Land & Sea is licensed and qualified by the NJDEP to assess these circumstances. We are ready to perform soil testing to see if residual contaminants may be present on your lawn, garden or any other ground on your property.

Feel free to contact John Zingis, President and Owner of Air, Land & Sea for a consultation on the above services. He may be reached at (732) 295-3900. Calls are promptly returned within 24 hours.

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